Frequently Asked Questions

Plantd is a revolutionary app that combines the idea of “going green” with a gamified concept that will allow our users to have trees planted on their behalf, offset their carbon footprint, make money by referring people to join, and enter amazing contests and life changing experiences.

Currently we are working with projects in North and South America. As we grow we will be expanding our planting to regions all over the world. We work with tree planting projects that are not only improving the environment, but also creating jobs and enriching the locations in which they are being planted.

Trees will be planted no later than 30 days from your payment date.

Carbon offsets are defined as actions that cause a reduction of carbon emission, or other greenhouse gases, in order to negate actions that produce your carbon footprint.

The average person in America emits a carbon footprint of approximately 16 tons/year. We at Plantd allow our users to participate in projects that help to make the environment cleaner, and therefore offset part or all of your carbon footprint. This feature can be found in our offset section.

We are very specific in the projects that we choose to involve ourselves with. We have chosen a group of projects through a third party who develops and finances these projects around the world that reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity, and bring real benefits to local communities. We are extremely passionate about ensuring that these projects deliver measurable benefits.

If you choose to offset your entire carbon footprint, you can do this once per year. We do encourage you to come back throughout the year to offset individual items, such as travel for vacation.

Method of payment can be changed at any time by clicking on the subscription tab in your profile.

We encourage you to reach out with questions, concerns, or feedback. We are easily accessible and can be reached at We pride ourselves on communication and will address your message as soon as possible.

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