Do you ever notice how the sun beats down on you that much hotter than even five years ago? That there are more heat waves and droughts in some places while others suffer from intense rainfalls and massive floods? These are just some of the visible effects we see while we fight climate change.

Climate change is mostly a result of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, causing our planet to warm up in nearly debilitating temperatures. Trees, however, absorb carbon dioxide. Through photosynthesis, trees store half of the carbon dioxide they intake within their bodies as a means of fueling their life. A small forest (about 99 acres) can store over 200 million tons of CO2. This means that for as long as they’re alive, carbon dioxide resides within them—and trees can live anywhere between 50 to 300 years old, even more!

A young tree absorbs CO2 at a rate of 13 pounds per tree per year. They reach their most productive stage of carbon storage in about 10 years at which point they absorb an estimated of 48 pounds of CO2 per year.

Yet, 15 billion trees are lost to deforestation activities every year. With each tree we lose, the planet suffocates and in turn, we suffocate too.

Climate change is happening, and it is happening fast. While it can be scary to think about what else the future might bring, you can still make a difference! It’s easier than you think—it starts small and it starts now.


Plantd is just like you, a seed waiting to be sown.

We understand how scary, overwhelming, and even isolating, it can be to recognize a global act to fight climate change. It may feel like your plea is falling on deaf ears, and any action you take can feel tiny in comparison.

But at Plantd, we hear you, we see you and we care.

It is our mission to fight climate change and offset our carbon footprint by planting one billion trees. But how do we get one billion people to do that? Or how can we get even one individual to do so consistently? From there, an idea sprouted: let’s plant trees on other people’s behalf.


It’s easy to care, but difficult to act. We acknowledge this, which is why we created the Plantd movement.

At Plantd, making a difference is as easy as telling other people about it—yes, it’s that simple! Because while you spread the word, we will be the ones to put it into real, tree-planting action. More people means more trees which will lead to a better environment for all.


Joining Plantd is a process that is easy and straightforward: visit our website and download our app through the App Store and Google Play. From there, gain access to a community of individuals like you with the common goal of saving Mother Earth.
  • PLANT A TREE. Not only will you be able to plant a tree, you’ll be able to track its progress and observe its growth.
  • OFFSET CARBON FOOTPRINT. Join forces and fund certified projects dedicated to offsetting the world’s carbon footprint.
  • REFER AND EARN. Refer your friends and family to not only maximize impact but earn too! Get real cash for every referral you make.
  • EPIC EXPERIENCES. As a member of the Plantd movement, you have a chance to win unique, VIP-level experiences. Did somebody say jungle tree house escapade? Deep blue sea sailing adventure? Sign up!
  • COMMUNITY. Most of all, gain a circle of kindred people who possess the same goal as you. Compare your subscriber stats on trees, referrals, and offset projects.

Americans spend an average of six hours on their mobile phones. That’s just the phone! Now from those hours imagine dedicating even just one or even 30 minutes of your time to Plantd, being proactive, and doing your part for the environment. Making an impact has never been more achievable with the Plantd movement.

At Plantd, we are fully committed to offset the damages of deforestation, achieve carbon neutrality, and fight climate change. We need the collective power of the people to accomplish that. We’re all about alleviating the burden and encouraging our members to GO green and MAKE green. When you start with yourself, you can inspire others to follow in your footsteps. So let’s set off a chain reaction that creates an impact on the environment and improves everyone’s quality of life—all while making meaningful connections along the way.

At Plantd, work with like-minded organizations and help us breathe life back into the atmosphere, one individual at a time. Because remember: just one singular tree can make a change, and so can you.

The seed has been Plantd, now go grow!